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Day: January 3, 2015

Artist’s calendar

I was very fortunate to receive a copy of Haidee-Jo Summer’s 2015 calendar as a Christmas gift.  It features twelve of Haidee’s recent paintings along with an inspirational quote for each month.  For more information about Haidee-Jo and her work visit her website http://www.haideejo.comHaideeJo calendar

Christmas gift tags

Like many people I have set some time aside this weekend to take down my Christmas tree and decorations.  Every year I set aside some of my favourite cards to make gift tags.  Using a guillotine or scissors I simply cut the card in half and punch a hole using a hole punch in the top left corner.  Next I attach a contrasting ribbon to the card to make a lovely original gift tag.  Many of the ribbons I use are either from the gifts that I have received or are fabric handles removed from carrier bags or ties removed from clothing labels.  The cards that I don’t use I will take to one for the High Street stores for recycling.  This year M&S are running a campaign along with the Woodland Trust and for every 1,000 cards recycled in store M&S will fund the planting of one new tree.


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