Since the closure of the Tunsgate Square  in Guildford many of the shops and businesses that were resident in the precinct are emerging in other parts of the town.


Not everyone has abandoned ship though as despite the deserted doorway CH Fabrics continues to operate as before. It has even had the foresight to turn a cosy corner into a cafe offering hot beverages to loyal customers.


Ikon and Harvey Jones Kitchens are a stone’s throw away from their original location. Adjacent to one another they have each taken space in premises in Tunsgate itself remaining central to the town.


Other businesses have moved further afield with Babylon taking two units in the White Lion Walk; one specialising in clothing and accessories whilst the other concentrates on interior furnishings and gifts.IMG_5543

Most recently I spotted the re-emergence of Sofa Workshop on the corner of Ward Street and North Street in the old Lombok premises. Due to open on November 14th this very nearly completes the relocation of the Tunsgate Square businesses.


Sadly, Heal’s has not reappeared as yet and the last I heard was still on the lookout for a new location. This will be a real miss this Christmas as I will no longer be able to spend many a happy lunch hour picking up gifts and decorations whilst keeping up to date with interior design trends.


I gather Tunsgate Square is due to reopen after a major refurbishment during the course of next year so I will keep an ever eagle eye on developments to see who takes up residence in the new 70,000 sq ft space.