C is for Cottagecore

Thatched cottage with flowering garden

In my A-Z of Interior Trends C is for Cottagecore – a style that I can completely relate to.

Cottagecore interior courtesy of Canva

I am very fortunate to live in a cottage that was built in 1994 by a local specialist builder. It is built in its entirety reclaimed materials. I must admit that it’s not quite as quaint as the one in the featured image but it still gets a lot of admiring glances from passers by.

Cottagecore Lifestyle

The term ‘cottagecore’ is relatively new. It has been around for a few years now but came into its own in 2020. People, especially the younger generation, confined to their homes during the pandemic sought solace in the more simple things in life.

Crafting, baking, and gardening all became very hip and trendy. This slightly tickles me as these pastimes have always been a prominent part of my life.

Of course, that might just be my generation. My parents, and their parents, were gardeners. My mum had a wonderful display of dahlias whilst my father concentrated his energies on growing veg.

When I married at the tender age of 18 I was only too happy to ‘play house’. I took inspiration from my mother-in-law’s cooking and turned, what had been a stunning rose garden, into an allotment!

Happy days!

Cottagecore design

It was in my first flat that I experimented with different decorating styles. I’m happy to admit now that they weren’t all a great success but it was a fantastic learning curve.

I didn’t know what my style was in those days. Habitat was a favourite, as was the local hardware shop and BHS.

In 1991 I undertook a self-build. The plot was off the beaten track and my love of the country aesthetic took a hold. Laura Ashley and Designer Guild fabrics added colour and pattern to the kitchen and family room.

Mr. Toad wicker chairs and terracotta floor tiles set the tone for the kitchen/breakfast room.

I still have those chairs to this day.

Mr. Toad wicker chairs styled for afternoon tea in the garden
Mr. Toad wicker chairs

Cottagecore style

Five years later I moved from the self-build to a refurbished mews cottage located in the grounds of a big country pile. Here my sewing skills came into their own. I laboured over floor length curtains with matching pelmets and a whole host of Roman blinds.

The cloakroom was painted with tomato soup coloured paint and the garden packed to the gills with sweet peas, night scented phlox and cornflowers, to name but a few.

Pine furniture adorned the three bedrooms and the bathroom. The dining area was furnished with a French pine table, six farmhouse style chairs, and a corner unit which were all finished in a sunshine yellow paint.

From here I moved to a brand new Laing home. Built in a country cottage style, but with all mod cons, I thought that it would be my forever home. My furniture fitted beautifully and immediately made the new build feel ‘lived in’.

Cottagecore philosophy

It was my forever home for a short while and then I met Mr. Right. He too sought a quieter life in the country. And here we are today living our happy ever after. We bake our own bread, grow our own veg. , and marvel at the wildlife that completely surrounds our home.

Mr. Toad wicker chairs

The key to creating cottagecore aesthetic is to layer your home. Mix and match patterns and add old and new pieces. Fill it with nostalgic charm.

Interior Design & Styling

This has been the perfect place for me to establish myself as an interior designer. I’ve studied my craft in the solitude of my she shed and have finally emerged from the trauma of 2020 with a thriving business.

Working from home

If you would like my help determining your personal style and applying it to your home please let me know. If you would like to get to know me better check out my social media presence @langdonhyde

Thank you for taking an interest in my musings. I hope they have inspired you to create a home and lifestyle that makes you happy.

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