Case Study 2; Multi-Purpose Loft Room

Initial concept for multi-purpose loft room design


The goal of this project was to transform the loft room into a multi-purpose space so that it could be used as a work office for the client and her husband, as a sewing room for herself and as an occasional guest bedroom.


The space needed to accommodate:

  • Two desks
  • A sewing area
  • Haberdashery store
  • Peripheral office equipment
  • The family dog

Step 1 – Concept

The concept I developed for the loft room was based on the client’s wish for a bright and airy scheme and her desire to be more sustainable in her home.

She expressed a preference for lots of plants, fun patterns, artwork and accents of bright colours.

Step 2 – Colour Palette

Drawing on the client’s love of pop culture, books, travel, music and neon colours I chose pops of joyful shades set against a more subtle backdrop of soft pastels.

Having selected six colours from my chosen images I considered how they might be used to create a successful scheme for the loft room.

notes on THE LOFT ROOM colour palette

Step 3 – Floor Plan

The key features that needed to be considered when reviewing the loft room layout were:


  • to create more storage
  • to be able to accommodate at least 2 people working in it at the same time
  • to make the most of the natural light
  • to create different zones for work and guest accommodation
  • to provide good circulation routes around the space

my initial notes


Below is a drawing of the loft room and a note to explain the changes I made to the original layout.

Despite the space being limited I was keen to create different zones to accommodate the different functions that the room had to deliver.

With this in mind I chose to make the furthest end of the room a comfortable, homely area. By day it would be a cosy reading nook and by night an essential guest bedroom. For this purpose I sourced a modular shelving system that would seamlessly fit the triangular wall and a stylish chair-bed(s) that would unfold into a single bed(s) as and when required.

I positioned each of the work stations under the roof-light windows and suggested re-hanging the loft door to open outwards to provide more space around the second desk.

The eaves and in-built cupboards would be shelved to house rolls of fabric and office stationery.

The carpeted floor would be upgraded to sustainable bamboo with the addition of a colourful geometric rug to add colour and warmth to the rest and relaxation zone.

Colour rendered floor plan of multi-purpose loft room

Step 4 – Key Purchases

My proposed scheme would necessitate a number of key purchases, not least, the modular shelving. This would be finished in the same paint colour as the wall so that it would seamlessly disappear.

I was particularly inspired by a Pop Art image of a dog that would pull the colours of the room together and, at the same time, give a nod to the client’s training of assistance dogs and her love of pop culture.

With sustainability in mind the client’s own desks and chest of drawers would remain as part of the new scheme. I would, however, source a matching Ikea chest and place the two units back to back in the centre of the room to provide a much needed cutting out space. The top drawers of the two desks would be fitted out with purpose made divisions to provide storage for smaller haberdashery miscellany.

Step 5 – Client Presentation

The final presentation took the form of a carefully curated selection of items that were clearly documented.


This exercise was set by The Interior Designers’ Hub of which I am a professional member. It was completed over a period of five days and was designed to provide the client with a broad scope of entries from which to choose a design.

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  1. Looks fab Carolyn. Love the colour pallette and layout. I am about to redo my loft shower room (on a budget). It is harder than you think working out these awkward spaces.

    1. Carolyn Hayter says:

      Thank you Minnie. That sounds like an interesting project. Please let me know how you get on.