Faux Fever

Faux flowers in Tunsgate

This stunning flower arrangement was the centrepiece at Tunsgate, Guildford this week and it inspired me to write this blog about faux flowers and house plants.
With the emergence of plants being a decorative addition to the home many high street and on-line stores have a wide selection of artificial flowers and house plants.OKA, in Guildford, is a good example as they have some of the most lavish displays. For example these gorgeous magnolia boughs (above) and these enormous white hydrangeas mixed with lambs ear leaves (below). 
On a more modest scale Marks & Spencer have a comprehensive range of “evergreen” house plants and flowers. 
One of my favourite high street and on-line stores, Neptune, use faux foliage blended with real flowers for dramatic effect in their room settings.
This is a trick that can easily employed in one’s own home changing displays to match the season.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I enjoy growing and cutting my own blooms for indoor decoration. That said, I too have permanent arrangements of realistic looking silk flowers to add colour and texture all year round.
This permanent mix of cornflowers, lavender and scabious adorn a dressing table whilst the freshly cut blue hyacinths add an evocative scent in the spring.

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