Green&Black Wardrobe

Walnut wardrobe

For a long time I have been pondering what colour would spice up my rather beautiful, but tired, wardrobe that greets visitors when they arrive in our hallway.

Neptune provided inspiration with their seasonal offerings in their Autumn/Winter 2018 Directory. Revisiting an existing paint shade, Chestnut, and pairing it with Nutmeg, sparked my imagination. 

Nutmeg and Chestnut

With our bold striped Crucial Trading carpet running the full length of the staircase in the back ground and our crazy orange and cream spotty carpet from Ikea on the in the foreground, using these Neptune colours to tie the scheme together seemed a no-brainer.


Our first task was to dismantle the wardrobe and to add an undercoat to ensure the top coat would adhere to the surface. This was no mean feat as I’m sure you can imagine.

We left the undercoat to try and applied the first coat of Nutmeg eggshell that same afternoon and left it to dry overnight.

The following morning I was up at the crack of dawn to apply the second and final coat. Using a sponge roller actually made the task much quicker and easier and again I allowed a 12 hour drying time to ensure that the paint had gone off completely.


Once all the elements were put back together I was stunned and delighted with the results as we now have a truly smart piece of furniture which smacks you in the face when you enter our home.

My only residual concern is that it it represents a bar of Green&Blacks’s dark chocolate which is an absolute favourite of mine!

Now that our hallway is neat and tidy, this weekend I have enjoyed adding some seasonal decoration in anticipation of the festive celebrations.

Gathering some branches from our golden beech tree and cutting the dead heads from our climbing hydrangea I have added some seasonal dressing to our lovely new cupboard.

Seasonal dressing

Our final task is to paint the entrance vestibule with Chestnut emulsion but for the time being I am basking in the glory of completing this initial restoration.

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