Mustard & Teal Scheme

Mustard and teal moodboard

Used in the right way a mustard and teal colour scheme can be very calming and relaxing. It is the perfect colour combo for a bedroom or, perhaps, a snug.

Depending on a room’s orientation and one’s personal preference the emphasis might be on the darker hues or on a lighter palette.

Modern Style


This bedroom shows how the dark blues are the perfect backdrop for the pops of yellow in the cushions and the fresh flowers.

The textural finishes of the chest of drawers, throws, and upholstery add warmth and interest into, what otherwise, could be a very stark scheme.

The stripey rug and mish-mash of china jugs, bowls, and lamps, again, add interest to this composition.

The floor to ceiling window provides plenty of natural light to compensate for the dark walls.

Comfortable Country

Pretty blue bedding on unmade bed
Pretty blue bedding on unmade bed

In complete contrast to the room above this one is set against the palest of blue walls and has a much more country feel.

The floral patterns and lighter tones bring an air of vintage charm to this dual aspect sunny guest room.

Despite the differences there are similarities with regards to the colour palette and relaxed vibe. I think the first room is far more on trend but the second one more homely. It just makes me want to snuggle up against those pillows and thumb through those books.

There is less natural light in this room due to the size of the cottage style windows.

Chilled Out

This last bedroom is my absolute favourite. Here a white backdrop allows the blues and yellows to pop out. Whilst it isn’t strictly a mustard and teal colour scheme there are tiny elements that I feel bring it into this family. The white expanse and predominately yellow splashes bring a light and airy feel to the room.

For a similar look visit Loaf for scrummy beds, Neptune for paints and fabrics, and Kinkatou for stunning lamps.

📸 Carolyn Hayter
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