Penchant For Pink

Before the fame of Katie Price and Pink came eccentric socialite and writer of romantic fiction, Dame Barbara Cartland. Infamous for her high jinx at Brooklands race track in Weybridge, the museum has dedicated a room to her, which panders to her penchant for pink.
Although not a lady racer, Barbara Cartland was well in with the Brooklands “set” in the 20’s and 30’s and did a lot to encourage female participation in motor sport. The lovely art-deco Powder Room is a reminder of those heady days in Weybridge.

Salmon pink might not be to everyone’s taste but you only have to visit a DIY shop to realise how many shades of pink are available. Dame Barbara Cartland’s taste might not coincide with your own but pink is a very versatile colour. A pale marshmallow can work well as a neutral backdrop and can be a successful alternative to magnolia or white. A stronger shade can work well as a statement wall or as a pop of colour.

Pink works well with many other colours, for instance with a pale green, a navy blue, or even an acid yellow. It can be easily accessorised with fabrics and homewares which come in abundance of patterns and materials which can help create the look and feel you desire.

For a nostalgic day out at Brooklands Museum go to for a list of events and opening times.

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