The Medicine Garden Cobham

A visit to The Medicine Garden is an all round life enhancing experience. Entering the walled garden is a small step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Greeted by perennial borders stuffed full of late summer blooms and a vast variety of grasses that sway majestically in the soft breeze in this sheltered oasis of calm.
It is only when you step through the entrance to the secluded courtyard that you realise what a hive of activity this gem of a place actually has to offer. Home to a small number of complimentary enterprises it offers everything from spa treatments to fitness classes to shopping to enjoying a healthy beverage in the Hothouse Café or The Garden Pod Café.

Treatment room
The Garden Pod Café

If you are inspired by this blog and wish to learn more about these facilities in Cobham why not visit their Open Evening 15th September which will be held in the courtyard between 18.30 and 21.00.

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