A Different Perspective

I imagine the COVID-19 pandemic has touched all of our lives in one way or another. It has forced us all to look at everything with a different perspective.

Instead of going for a run last night I went for a leisurely stroll. No longer rushing due to time constraints I was able to amble through my local village. I enjoyed the peace and quiet that the reduced amount of road traffic has created.

The “lockdown” clear out

I smiled as a saw a number of skips on people’s drives. Only last week our dustcart drove past as it was full to overflowing. It did return a while later. Apparently so many people were clearing out their garages there was a lot more refuse than normal.

I also raised a grin when I saw a lady jet washing her paving and a gentleman painting his fence. Oh my, what lovely clean and tidy homes we will have by the time the lockdown comes to an end.

There was another chap hacking at a hedge. I’m not sure if this was out of sheer frustration. There didn’t appear to be any rhythm to his attack on the innocent leafy bystander.

With our beauty salons closed for business, manicuring has a whole new meaning. I witnessed endless lawns mown and strimmed to within an inch of their lives.

Stay home – stay safe

I have to admit that staying home has provided endless opportunities for me to titivate our house and garden. There is barely a weed to be seen in the allotment. My tatty garden furniture has been given a whole new lease of life with a coat of Neptune Old Rose eggshell

Paint that I bought for the garage at the end of last summer has suddenly emerged from the depths of the cupboard. The wooden exterior is now a lovely rich barn black whilst the window frames are F&B’s Light Blue gloss. Even the garden gates and picket fence that I had condemned look brand new after a lick of black paint.

I have taken delight in the fact that I no longer plan according to the day of the week. More according to the weather forecast. So here I am today back in my “she shed” catching up with paperwork. The raindrops lightly water the newly planted beans and sit proud on the freshly painted chairs.

Stay Home – Stay Safe

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Now that our local recycling centre is closed I have not been able to dispose of my grass cuttings. I learnt recently that these can be used as a mulch around trees, shrubs, roses and even amongst some vegetables. Apply in thin layers and top-up weekly to suppress weeds.

📸 Carolyn Hayter
📸 Featured image - @jennomat

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