Awesome Arbour

I promised to update you with my painting progress and I’m pleased to report that the arbour is now complete.  I am thrilled.  I really do have an awesome arbour! I should explain that it is not purely decorative but serves a practical purpose as well.  It’s actually filling a gap, which, over time, had appeared in the garden hedge. Not only did this compromise our privacy but also left the plot exposed to inclement weather.

The idea for acquiring this garden shelter had been on my mind for sometime as the gap between the conifers and privet had become more pronounced and eventually formed a perfect arch.  I had considered trying to infill the hedge with new planting but felt that the existing root structure would hamper my attempts.  I knew that there were many styles of arbours available but when I found this beautiful design I knew that it would be perfect.

Made from pressure treated timber it echoed the exact shape of the hole in the hedge.  Now assembled, painted and put in position  I have a comfortable sheltered bench seat with storage.
Breakfasting in it Saturday morning, being bathed by the early morning sun, was the perfect start to the holiday weekend and as the summer progresses I imagine I am going to spend many a Sunday morning reading the papers in this calm and peaceful paradise.
The internal part of the shelter is painted in Plummet exterior eggshell by F&B whilst the other surfaces are left untouched . I look forward to this providing the perfect backdrop for the purplely-blue hues of my early Spring and Summer planting.
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