My Lovely Little Pink Box

Blanket box

Nancy's pink box

You my recall that towards the end of the summer I visited the Sunbury Antiques Market where I bought a pot of F&B eggshell with which I planned to paint a blanket box that I have had for sometime. The colour, Nancy’s Blushes No. 278, is described on the F&B website as “our truest pink and can be used in many different ways”. Fortunately, when I opened the pot of paint it was exactly what it said on the tin and in no time at all I had a lovely little pink box! The box that I transformed so radically is a small pine blanket box which  had been painted white in a previous life, and the lid varnished. As such, it didn’t require a lot of preparation, and a gentle rub down of the old paintwork with some sandpaper was sufficient. The varnished lid did require a bit more work and having tried a coarser grade of sandpaper I decided the results were not particularly satisfactory. As, is often the case, time was pretty limited so I experimented with a chemical based paint stripping gel as an alternative way of removing the stubborn varnish. This turned out to be a brilliant decision as in no time at all the hard, glossy finish had blistered all over and I could use a small scraper to remove the best part of it. After another coat of stripper, a final scrape, and a rub down with some medium and light grade sandpaper the lid was back to its original finish.


To seal the bare wood I applied two coats of a good quality furniture wax and polished it to a soft sheen. I am really pleased with the end result as I feel the box has a much more contemporary, modern country feel and I am looking forward to putting it back at the end of the bed in the guest room.

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