A Cushion Fetish – Surely Not?

When it became apparent that I owned enough scatter cushions to insulate our entire loft I agreed that I should not make any more purchases.

Despite that I longed to buy the cheeky Hare Knitted Cushion that I coveted at the gift shop at The Savill Garden.

It was the antidote that I needed to eliminate the post-festive feeling in our dining room.

Soft greys and baby pinks amidst spring flowers were all I could imagine.

Common sense prevailed and I set about my cupboards to see how I could bring a fresh new look to this sunny room.

I was keen to keep the lovely Andrew Martin tulip curtains hanging a little longer as the nights are still quite cold.

Rather than play up to the red tulips in the pattern however, I decided to emphasise the pink ones by choosing a selection of quieter companions.

I added some pale coloured silk Sia tulips to a vase of faux eucalyptus and soft pussy willow stems.

The red and white striped candles were replaced with plain pink ones.

Next I set the table using a pink and grey scheme which included an Ikea throw and soup bowls, my new Biggie Best wine glasses, and grey/white place mats from M&S.

In the comfy slipper chair in the corner I added a soft pink fringed cushion and a clashing fuchsia pink pad, both of which had been residing in the loft.

The last item I added was a small grey cushion which had also been providing insulation.

I’m really pleased with the end result but whilst writing this blog I have found the Hare Knitted Cushion on the Sophie Allport website.

I’m not sure that I can resist much longer!

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