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L is for Library is the latest instalment in my A-Z Of Interior Trends. A recent visit to Syon House inspired me to write this blog. This beautifully maintained Georgian property houses a stunning library which demonstrates the importance of books collected by our learned ancestors.

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In recent years we’ve seen the rising popularity of the English country house Boot Room and Snug and I believe now is the time for the Library.

This may seem surprising given the online access to virtually any printed work but many people, myself included, still have a collection of much loved books and journals.

Listening to a recent interview with interior design guru Emma Sims Hilditch I heard her describe the high level library that she has installed in her home. It was designed to give purpose to an otherwise blank wall and is accessed via a ladder.

I have many different books in my collection; gardening, cookery, art, interior design, travel, accountancy(!) and fiction. Given the varying topics they are spread throughout my house and office. They could, however, just as easily be curated in one specific room.

Nowadays a room dedicated to a collection of books is more likely to be found in a larger home but there is no reason why a modest home shouldn’t have a reading nook or a collection of books on display.

Alcoves, room dividers, and secret doors are all great places to fill with your favourite publications. You might even choose a wall in the bathroom if you love to read whilst having a soak in the tub.

Arranging books is a very satisfying task and deciding whether they should be arranged according to size, colour or title is just part of the fun.

If you have gone completely digital but would still like to have a wall of decorative books why not choose a wallpaper instead. You will find a whole host to choose from with prices across the board and styles for everyone.

A trend that has been highly publicised, and criticised, is that of displaying books back to front. Whilst this is a sure fire way of creating a neat and minimalist arrangement it’s far from practical. I think it was a fashion started by interior stylists which is great for photoshoots but less so for day to day life.

If you would like help with styling, decorating, or rearranging your interior I would love to help. My contact details can be found here or you can find me on my social media channels.

Carolyn x

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