F Is For Fragrance

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In my A-Z of Interior Trends, F is for Fragrance.

In recent years fragrance has become an integral part of the interior design process. The addition of a scent to an interior space adds an extra dimension.

Nowadays, there is a whole school of interior designers who will include room fragrances as part of their scheme. The key is to choose fragrances with the right notes for the room.

Wood base notes are key for a hallway

Pinterest image of rustic hallway
Pinterest image of rustic hallway

The entrance to your home is the first impression anyone will get of the interior.

To me, this is the most important area to add a scent and in my hall I have Neptune’s Huxley Landscape reed diffusors to provide a subtle background aroma. If I want to increase the intensity I will light a ‘matching’ scented candle.

In the downstairs loo, which leads off from the hall, I like to invest in a fragrant soap. My favourite is Aēsop’s Resurrection Hand Wash which leaves a lingering citrus, woody, herbaceous aroma.

Dessert-based notes are key for a lounge

Pinterest image of sitting room

I love an open fire and fresh foliage to provide the scent in my living room especially at Christmas when I will add pine and eucalyptus. These are great aromas to relax to as are dessert-based notes such as honey, vanilla, or caramel. Burn decorative scented candles to add charm and atmosphere on a chilly winter evening.

Fresh and light notes are key for the kitchen/dining room

Pinterest image of sitting room

I don’t tend to have artificial fragrances in my kitchen or dining room as I love the aromas of home cooking. If these were to become overpowering I would open a window or turn on the extractor.

An alternative would to be to use a fresh and light manufactured scent such as lemon and bergamot. A diffusor would provide a base smell and a room spray would remove any lingering food smells.

Soft and floral notes are key for the bedroom

Bedroom panoramic

Freshly laundered bed linen and fresh air are the key components in my bedroom. I do have the luxury of an en-suite bathroom so very often spa-like scents spill over into the adjacent room.

The official line to follow is to use soft, floral fragrances such as jasmine, sandalwood and lily to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. For safety, I would always recommend diffusors or a room spray rather than candles in a bedroom.

Fresh and fruity notes are key for the bathroom

In the bathroom peach, apricot and mandarin are perfect aromas to accompany a relaxing soak. In this room use scented candles, room diffusers, and potpourri to achieve a happy balance.

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