G Is For Glass

I’ve spent this past week researching interior trends for 2022 and it appears that glazed and transparent surfaces are going to be all the rage in the forthcoming year. So for this latest instalment of my A-Z of Interior Trends ‘G’ is for Glass.

A room with a view is a high priority as we spend more time at home and multi-functional rooms are being created with the use of internal glass dividers.

I’m very excited to be working as the interior designer on a glass fronted riverside property. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to maximising natural light levels whilst creating a strong architectural feature.

So how can you bring this trend into your home?

If, like me, you do not have the benefit of large picture windows you should give serious consideration to your window dressings. Ask yourself if it is actually needed. I’ve found overtime that less is definitely more when working with small windows. If your house is not overlooked and the windows are draught free I would almost certainly steer clear of any curtains, blinds or shutters. This will not only let in more natural light but make the room appear larger and less cluttered.


Mirrors are another fantastic way of bringing more light into a room. Not only are they functional but they can also be highly decorative. Position them where they will bounce natural light around a room and add interest to an interior scheme. I am particularly fond of an oversized mirror either leant against a wall or hung above a wash basin.

More recently I saw a mirror being used as a splash back in a kitchen, and whilst maybe not the most practical application, it provided a view of the internal space and the great outdoors beyond.

Gallery walls have taken on a new meaning as well. No longer restricted to a collection of framed prints or family photos the galleried mirror wall has become very on trend.

Pendants & Disco Balls

Glass pendants are also very popular at the moment and come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. The cost also varies considerably. When choosing a ceiling pendant consider its size and functionality. There are plenty of guidelines available when it comes to the drop and the height but also ask yourself whether the bulbs need to be dimmable or not. More importantly, consider what sort of light it will provide. Simple single bulb pendants will provide pools of light and these are ideal to have above a kitchen island or a dining table. For a more dispersed light, for instance in a sitting room or a bedroom, consider a multi-directional, multi-armed model that will cover a greater area more evenly.

For pure decoration, and fun, I gather disco balls are enjoying a resurgence. Brilliant if you’ve been enjoying a Friday night kitchen boogie during lockdown!

Made.com coloured glass pendant

Glass Doors & Room Dividers

Glass doors and room-dividers can also allow more natural light into an interior space and the popularity of Crittall-style glazing definitely underpins this trend. Whilst their style is mostly mid-century industrial they can still be used to great effect in all sorts of homes adding an edginess to an otherwise lacklustre scheme.

Transparent furniture is also having a bit of a moment. Clear, smoked, and opaque glass all have a role to play depending on the look and feel you wish to achieve.

Made.com and BoConcept have an extensive range of contemporary tables and lamps whilst Tikamoon have gorgeous selection of glass fronted display cabinets.

I you’ve found this blog this enlightening and if you would like to read more about this topic please check out the links below:

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