Behind Closed Doors

Is your front door a reflection of the interior beyond? Is it an integral part of the “interior design”?
Front doors come in so many different styles, colours, shapes and materials it is sometimes difficult not to wonder what lies behind those closed doors.
This colourful blue door left ajar gives a clear view of the vestibule beyond which is home to this patterned wall mural. Decorated with seashells and pebbles it is clearly a home that embraces its seaside location on the east coast of Scotland.

This door is the entrance to a stunning country cottage set in a Surrey street amidst 20th century homes.  The perfectly manicured borders, filled with red salvias, immediately lead you towards the contrasting black and white door which peeks out from behind the wisteria and roses.

This smart pair of doors look very grand against the cobbled street. A passing glance gives the impression of two identical doorways. It is only when looking at the numbers on the doors that this entrance becomes quite mysterious.

I have had been led to believe that number 137 was once a butcher’s shop. There didn’t appear to be any evidence to support this tale until I looked at the wreath attached to the front door. On closer inspection it appears to be constructed of a mixture of feathers and fur.

This Halliford town house, set back from the road, can only be viewed from afar. The enchanting set of steps lead up to the blue-grey door which has this delightful “spider web” window which is mirrored in the half-moon window above.

This open door, with plants spilling down the steps and onto the courtyard outside, is clearly an invitation to step inside. Who could resist entering this enticing florists and buying some freshly cut blooms?


With its mediterranean blue sky, and and tropical planting flanking the front entrance, it would be easy to believe that this vineyard is in the Champagne region. It is indeed home to a fabulous sparkling wine, not in the north-east of France, but here, in the south of England!

Hidden away in the village of Petworth this secret garden appears to be watered from the sturdy iron tap seen here in the foreground of the photograph. The unpretentious door is the perfect backdrop for the abundance of patio container planting.

With Christmas just around the corner many of us will be looking to decorate our homes for the festive season. This is another opportunity to express our sense of style and to brighten our front doors with a hand-tied wreath or perhaps something a little less traditional.

What could be nicer at this time of year than to wish your visitors “joy” the moment they approach your home. This less than traditional decoration suits this modern front door perfectly and is a real style statement.

Last, but not least, I couldn’t resist sharing this photograph of the front door to the Bay Tree Bakery. When both door leaves are open wide there is absolutely no mistaking what you will find behind these closed doors!

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