Case Study 4; Garden Office

Image of garden office used purely as a representation


The goal of this project was to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing garden office space within an existing building for the Principal of an Interior Design School. The Brief stated that whilst much of the Principal’s work was computer based she also wanted to be able to record video content and to host Zoom calls.


  • The aesthetic must reflect the school’s brand
  • The room is to feel comfortable and lived in, rather than being too officey
  • The vibe needs to be happy and positive
  • The space needs to be separate from the client’s home

Step 1 – Concept

The concept I developed was based on the core values of the school. These were:

  • to explain simply
  • to cheerlead postively
  • to challenge sensitively
  • to nurture aspiration

The client was also keen to incorporate the colours of her brand logo, albeit, in less saturated tones.

Step 2 – Colour Palette

Drawing on the client’s desire for a Scandi inspired colour palette and Pantone’s colour of the year, Peach Fuzz, I honed in on some of the paler colours present on the concept board. The final palette consisted of six hues, each a slightly lighter version than those used in the client’s logo.

Step 3 – Floor Plan

The key features that needed to be considered when reviewing the garden office layout were:

  • to add plenty of storage for books and fabric samples
  • to be functional for video recording
  • to have the desk facing a window
  • to provide adequate task lighting
  • to err on the side of minimalism


Below is a scale drawing of the building which was to be converted to the garden office. The Brief stated that before it was to be used insulation would be added so that the wooden walls would no longer be visible.

Original Floor Plan OF GARDEN OFFICE

To meet the criteria of creating a space that was to be both functional and comfortable I created two distinct zones:

  1. A GENERAL WORK AREA which would facilitate video recording, general admin work and storage
  2. A COMFORTABLE AREA with a sofa, coffee station and bar table with stools overlooking the garden


Step 4 – Key Purchases

The client specified a number of key purchases and these were a desk, storage, window dressings and a backdrop/wallpaper. Additionally, a number of ‘nice to have’ items were listed and these were a sofa, accessories, wall art and lamps/other lighting.

Drawing on the colour palette from Step 2, and the client’s preference for geometric patterns, I chose a small scale printed fabric which incorporated a pink, yellow and blue colour in the design. From here I selected a duck egg blue sofa and coffee bar cabinet to compliment the pale wood and white finishes on the desk, and bar table and chairs.

Step 5 – Client Presentation

The final Client Presentation took the form of a carefully curated selection of items that were clearly documented and some lifestyle images to complete the look and feel. The inclusion of a lovely tactile spotty cushion, funky artwork and a pastel rug brought the whole scheme together which was to be set against a backdrop of peach painted walls.


This exercise was set by The Interior Designers’ Hub of which I am a professional member. It was completed over a period of five days and was designed to provide the client with a broad scope of entries from which to choose a design. I was rewarded for my hard work with the following assessment:

I think this is great Carolyn! Your product choices work beautifully with your concept and colour scheme. They feel very ‘on brand’ and give that positive, light feeling the the hub likes to bring.

Your presentation is also good; with a selection of cut out and more lifestyle type images. I think you’ve really managed to deliver on the client brief this week. Very well done.


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