Is Blue the New Black?

I received an email this week from one of the High Street’s leading brands advising me that “blue is the new black”. This was slightly misleading as the goods they were promoting came in all shades of blue, from the palest baby blue suede to the darkest navy blue patent. It occurred to me, therefore, if it would follow that soft furnishing and paint manufacturers would be championing blue as this season’s colour.

Design Week Spring 2014
Design Week Spring 2014

Last Spring I noted that pink was very much in vogue. It was very prominent when I visited London Design Week and further echoed by Heal’s window display in Guildford. F&B even added a new colour to their extensive paint range called Nancy’s Blushes!
Grey and muted tones have been very popular in recent years and I wonder if these have finally lost their appeal or whether their versatility will ensure continued presence. With the long awaited release of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is due out in cinemas on Valentine’s Day, perhaps this will have some influence! Regardless, I will continue to study the popular press and specialist publications and report any significant trends that emerge as my blog develops over the coming months.

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