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Vintage car moodboard

Brooklands Race Track

Brooklands race track hill climb and finishing straight
Brooklands race track hill climb and finishing straight

Sadly, the 2021 New Year’s Day car meet at Brooklands Museum has been cancelled due to Tier 4 restrictions.

Under normal circumstances the site at Brooklands would be chock-a-block with cars from all eras; veteran, vintage, classic…

Until recently I had not paid much attention to the difference between these classifications. They were just “old” cars to me!

That was fine until I was asked to create an Interiors mood board using a vintage car as my inspiration. After a little research I discovered this term referred to cars that were manufactured between 1919 and 1930.

Image from the original pits

The Design Process

This cheered me enormously as I realised it coincided with the Art Deco period in western Europe and the U.S.A. This meant that not only could I draw inspiration from the decorative arts and architecture of this period but also from the glamorous dress code of that era.

Montreal photography geometric print art deco architecture

These square glass blocks, gold coloured doors, and lush green marble of this Park Lane entrance set the tone for my mood board.

I absolutely adore the detail of this door handle. It echoes the spindles of the spoked wheel beautifully.

The fashion of the thirties was full of glamour and style; midi-length dresses, old Hollywood ballgowns, high waisted sailor pants, hats, fur collar winter coats, and Oxford shoes with perforated details.

Vintage car moodboard
Vintage car moodboard

Drawing on the colours from the many images I collated I created a palette of soft muted tones highlighted with a pop of black and white.

Curves and strong geometric patterns reflect the style of the period.

It’s funny that my scheme was not that far removed from the colours featured in Dame Barbara Cartland’s room at Brooklands. I would like to think, however, that mine has a modern twist and that it would work well in 2021.

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More information

Follow these links to learn more about the history of Brooklands Race Track and Dame Barbara Cartland’s connection.

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