Orange & Green

Virgin Radio DJ Chris Evans claims that shades of orange and green are abundant in his house and garden even though it seems to have come about organically rather than by a conscious thought process. He also realised that is wardrobe shared a similar colour palette.

When you look at the colours of nature it’s not surprising that this is such a winning combination. Whether it be fruits, flowers, or vegetables, the leaves and the fruit compliment each other perfectly.

Like all colours though there are many, many variations and as such will suit a whole host of interior styles.

The more subtle hues would work well in a rustic environment like this kitchen below. The softness of the green herbs offsets the pale reclaimed bricks and their earthen coloured pointing.

Rustic isn’t for everyone, especially in the 21st century when there has been a revival of mid-20th century trends. The paint chart below picks up on the more popular shades of orange and green.

Lush velvets in teal and a tomato soup orange light up this monochrome interior. They are a complete contrast to the geometric patterns on the flooring and scatter cushions and as such add a touch of drama.

Blocks of teal and a more subtle shade of orange make a statement in this kitchenette. The block of white tiles bring some much needed relief from the otherwise completely dark wall and again a monochrome floor grounds the whole scheme.

When you have a high ceiling you can afford to add a colour that gives the impression of bringing it down a tad. The kitchen featured below is a real eclectic mix of different periods in time. The stainless steel range and overhead extractor hood sit surprisingly well amidst the antique mirror and enamel bread bin.

Whatever your style there will be a colour that makes your heart sing.

However, if you’re not sure whether a paint colour will match existing finishes Little Greene paint and paper produce a colour chart with flying paint chips.

Simply bend the card along the ready-made creases to reveal each hand-painted colour chip without the white background. Genius!

As Chris Evans proved fashion invariably overlaps with interior styles. See my blog a Dash of Orange for an inspired example of this in action.

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