Home is where the art is…

I wish I had thought of this as a title for my pervious blog, Picture Perfect – part 1, as “Home is where the art is”  is the title of an article written by Kate Spicer, published in today’s Sunday Times’ “Style” supplement, about displaying works of art in a home environment.  Admittedly, it relates to showing fine works of art in a pseudo domestic environment as opposed to my missive about hanging pictures of a contrasting nature in my dining room, nonetheless it pleased me that it is a newsworthy topic.
The article focuses on the Heist gallery which occupies three floors of a roomy townhouse in Fulham.  Dining rooms are themed to house a chosen work of art thus allowing visitors to gain a greater understanding of the artist and to get an idea of how it might look in their own home.
Apparently, the concept of having “home” galleries is not entirely new, although, historically it would have been out of necessity rather than choice.  With the advent of museums in the 19th century have come the white walled galleries that are commonplace today. These more traditional establishments “have come in for criticism of late for being elitist, alienating and outdated”  so maybe this new trend for a more personal space will prove to be more appealing.

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