Picture Perfect – part one

Dining room picture collection
Contemporary monochrome collection

In a burst of enthusiasm this past week I finally got around to hanging some pictures in our freshly painted dining room. My “LOVE” print by Robert Indiana was a purchase from the MOMA in New York a number of years ago but I note with interest that it is still available to purchase.  Until now I had not regarded it to be of appropriate scale nor style to hang  in the dining room and it had been relegated to the garage!  In a fit of New Year energy and creativity I decided to see how it would look alongside the two farm animal prints that I had bought in San Francisco many moons ago and a very fine pencil drawing of a Cornish alley which had been a gift from a friend who is a very talented artist.  I tried several layouts before plumping for this for this final version, and I must admit I was very pleased with the end result!  I think in this instance the colours, the frames and the overall simplicity of the pictures help the collection hang together.  For more contemporary prints visit www.momastore.org

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