My Top 10 Tips For Repotting House Plants

Repotted Peace Lily placed in a shaded window

Here are my Top 10 Tips For Repotting House plants. These were compiled with the help of Growth Technology.

House plants have fantastic benefits. Not only do they help to clean the air but studies have shown that human interaction with them can boost wellbeing, creativity and productivity. They can also help alleviate workplace anxiety, depression, hostility and fatigue.

According to Biophilia author, Sally Coulthard, it’s possible that the return to popularity of the humble houseplant is because it is the perfect antidote to our digitally driven lives. Looking after a living thing that needs sustained care and attention to thrive gives people the chance to reconnect with something tangible and real – a trend that is being echoed in the popularity of other ‘physical goods’ such as books and crafts.

Top Tips

  1. Repot house plants every 18-24 months or whenever the condition of the old soil is poor
  2. For best results repot early in the year or any time in the summer
  3. Ease the plant from the old container and loosen the root ball and remove all the soil that you easily can
  4. Add layer of moist mix to the bottom of the new container which should be only slightly larger
  5. Hold plant in place and work the mix well in between the roots
  6. Add mix until it fills the container just below the rim
  7. Water well from the top until there is run-off
  8. Keep in shade for 3 weeks to allow new roots to grow
  9. Start feeding two months after repotting
  10. Feed throughout the growing season and occasionally in the winter for best results

I have just repotted my Peace Lily according to these instructions so I hope it will continue to thrive. I have placed it in a shady spot, as suggested, to give it a good start.

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