The Smallest Room In The House

Downstairs loo design

At last I have finished titivating the smallest room in the house! The final detail was to make, and to hang, the curtain for the storage unit.

Ian Mankin Blazer Stripe fabric curtain
Ian Mankin Blazer Stripe fabric curtain

This smart Blazer Stripe from Ian Mankin replaces the grey linen one that I had made previously as a temporary solution. Everything is now hidden from view behind this fabulous ticking screen. Its colours work incredibly well with the Fired Earth tiles that I had applied to the top of the unit.

Fired Earth Madeira floor tiles inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean

The revamp started a while ago when I decided to paint the walls and ceiling with F&B’s Manor House Grey Estate Emulsion. This lovely neutral hue provided the perfect backdrop for my ‘picture wall’. Although I say ‘picture wall’ it is actually a mix of framed prints, mirrors, and a wicker heart. The panoramic photograph below illustrates this.

Picture wall in the downstairs loo

All of these prints were given a new lease of life by being mounted and framed in new surrounds. I commissioned the Greene Room in Cobham to make a made to measure frame for the large print.

To Pastures New a painting Sir James Guthrie
To Pastures New by Sir James Guthrie

I am a big fan of upcycling and repurposing and this room has been an opportunity for me to revive so many much loved items.

Winnie The Pooh framed print
Winnie The Pooh framed print

I’ve particularly loved the crafting element of this makeover. This candle stick is another example of a bringing something to life. I painted its dark wood shape with Annie Sloan’s turquoise Provence Chalk ‚ĄĘ and finished it with Craqueleur and a Dark Wax.

Candlestick finished in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Craqueleur

The colours and finishes I have chosen are very much in keeping with the modern country aesthetic that works well in my cottage.

I think it’s true to say that it’s always fun decorating the smallest room in the house. It’s an opportunity to go a little bit bonkers and to express your true personality.

Carolyn x

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