Private View

I was really excited when I received my personal invitation to the private view of Haidee-Jo Summers’ exhibition at the Russell Gallery in Putney this past week.  I have long admired Haidee-Jo’s work and felt privileged to be amongst the select few at the opening of this London show.
Haidee-Jo has a rare talent for capturing light and reflection in her work. Her winter allotment scenes and vibrant seascapes are completely captivating.

Haidee-Jo’s exuberance and love of her work turn everyday scenes into beautiful landscapes. Her snow scenes emanate peacefulness and quiet whereas her rocky shorelines express the vigour and noise of the crashing waves and tidal waters.

Mesmerised by the stunning paintings on display I completely forgot to record any of the evening’s proceedings with my ever present camera but did manage to photograph one or two of my favourite paintings.
Rather than take my word for how wonderful these works of art are why not pop along to the exhibition that runs every week from Tuesday to Saturday until the end of the month. Also on show are works by fellow artist Paul Curtis NEAC.
Visit opening times, or to view more of Haidee-Jo’s work go to You can also follow Haidee-Jo on Facebook or read her blog, ma vie en couleurs, to keep up to date with her latest offerings, exhibitions, courses, and up to the minute news.

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  1. Caz Ashford says:

    They are fantastic paintings, so envious of your invitation.
    Well done Langdon Hyde, once again a very informative post, I look forward to receiving the next one.

    1. Thank you. My next blog will focus on some painting that I’ve been working on!

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