The Playroom

In our house, the playroom is where boy meets girl. An eclectic mix of his world war bombers colliding with her collection of Hergé’s cartoon characters.

Hanging from the beams on fishing line the planes look as though they’re in full flight, battle ready, as Tintin looks down from his safe haven above.

Continuing the aeronautical theme a solid wood airplane propeller replica is mounted on the bulkhead whilst  Captain Haddock and Snowy stand together on the staircase oblivious to the action which surrounds them.
Dominating the playroom is an American pool table which serves to entertain anyone who is  up for a challenge.IMG_5660
On the walls is a collection of abstract art; some original pieces and some limited edition prints. All in eye-catching colours, and forever posing the question “what can you read into me?” I have my own interpretations as I am sure does everyone who spends anytime studying them. IMG_5656
I am particularly fond of the four Jaime Colorao watercolours that were purchased from an exhibition in Mallorca. The rather rude looking images, which echo the colours and shapes of the balls on the pool table, take centre stage in this collection of modern art.
The backdrop for this artistic arrangement is an F&B Estate Emulsion in Manor House Grey on the wall, and interior eggshell on the skirting. The remaining three walls, skirting and woodwork, are finished in F&B Ammonite.IMG_5459
The most striking piece of furniture is a contemporary yellow leather sofa which is strewn with an array of cushions covered in a mix of orange, red and yellow Designer Guild fabrics.
I’m really happy with the mix of masculine and feminine in this particular environment and find it is the perfect place to switch off from the day’s stresses and indulge in pure fantasy.
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