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This is the first in my new series an A-Z of interior trends. Today I am starting with A is for Arch.

Arches have been around since time immemorial and are currently enjoying a huge revival.


The visitor building at Savill Garden in Windsor demonstrates how curves and arches can be successfully incorporated into a modern building.

Visitors’ building, Savill Garden in Berkshire

Paint Effects

On a more modest scale colour blocks of paint can be used to create the illusion of an arch in your own home.

It might be simply decorative or to zone an entire space.

Wall coverings are a great way to bring this iconic shape into your home or office too.

Outdoor Spaces

Arches are not just confined to indoor spaces. Garden structures often replicate this shape to provide shelters and supports.

These photographs were taken at RHS Wisley Garden this week.

Interior Spaces

Living in a cottage I have ample opportunity to incorporate arches and curves into my furnishings and fixtures. The femininity and softness of these shapes add a warmth and welcoming feel to any home.


Inspiration is everywhere; windows, doors, alcoves, furniture, wallpaper, ornaments, mirrors and lamps are all available in this classic shape.

Artisan butcher, Castle Cary
Artisan butcher, Castle Cary

Take a look around and you will find them in the most surprising places.

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