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It’s a new year – what better time to be inspired to clear out the old and bring in the new! As the Christmas decorations come down it is a great time to review your surroundings and update/amend/adjust your look/style. I always take the opportunity to dust down the shelves and surfaces where decorations have been placed for the past few weeks and decide whether to put back the same ornaments and objects or whether to completely upend everything. It might only be a small change as a lot of what is on display is there for practical purposes rather than just for show, but the addition of a colourful object, or the rearrangement of some china, can go a long way to make you home feel refreshed for the coming months.
You might even go further and rearrange furniture. Out of necessity I had to move a chest of drawers to make space for the Christmas tree and am now in two minds whether to put it back in the Hall or leave it on the Landing. I am actually considering moving it into the study and swapping if for a table that is currently home to the printer. I would hope that this isn’t change for changes sake but to tidy up a messy corner and to bring freshness to a stale scheme.
I have some pictures to frame that I have been putting off as I wasn’t sure where to hang them. This has been the starting point for reviewing the layout in the Study as I will have to make some wall space to display this collection of prints effectively. I might even go as far as refurbishing the pine furniture which fills the room as I have my eye on some Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint which I think will smarten up the room no end.
It’s also a great time to bring fresh flowers indoors as the supermarkets are full of spring blooms and indoor bulbs. Amongst my favourites are tulips and hyacinths as these bring colour and fragrance indoors and with them the feeling of Spring as the longer days approach.
If, like me, you are on holiday until tomorrow then today is an ideal opportunity to pack up the old and bring on the new. On that note I would like to wish you all the best for 2017 and hope you start the year inspired!

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  1. What a super artical to inspire our household into, ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Although our Christmas decorations still adorn the house, to be enjoyed for a few more days, we have targeted our study as a room for ‘Operation Inspired’. Every piece of furniture, sentimental objects, files, folders and ‘stuff’ holding up the numerous shelves have been removed to allow the worn and tired carpet to be replaced with a large, cheerful rug. The furniture is now waiting to be repositioned in the study but with a more organised, efficient and pleasing to the eye arrangement.
    It feels good to fill numerous recycling bags, some for potential car boot sales and of course those for the trip to the tip when it re-opens tomorrow.
    Thanks for inspiring us and for another super artical!

    1. Hey Diane, thank you for your endorsement of my New Year philosophy! Happy days. x

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