The Power Of Modelling

Using 3D computer modelling software is extremely powerful. This past week I have been using SketchupPro to model the room shown below.

Whether you are creating a room, or the furnishings within that room, the same range of modelling tools are used to create the shapes.

Paint colours, fabric patterns, and textures, can be imported into the model to ensure the look and feel of the rooms has some bearing on reality.

Leather, velvet, linen, to name but a few, can all be selected and imported.

Paint colours can be matched from a manufacturers website using the colour-picking “pipette”.

It is also feasible to photograph and import fabric designs for cushions, curtains, and other soft-furnishings.

Brick, wood, glass, and metal finishes are also available within software’s library. This enabled me to accurately model the mirrors, lamps, and curtain poles, as well as the chimney breast with mantlepiece.

A 3D warehouse extension to the modelling software provides a whole range of items available for immediate download. In this instance I imported the wood-burning stove, radiator, and television.

The finished model can be viewed from all angles.

With walls….

…or without.

Once modelled, room layouts can be completely rearranged, and finishes completely overhauled.

Fully rendered 3D model

And as a final nod to reality shadows can be added to depict a particular time of day and year.

I can see now why so many interior designers have utilised SketchupPro 3D modelling software. It not only accelerates the design process but also acts as an excellent presentation tool.

Read more about this room scheme in my blog of January 13, 2018

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