Navy Blue & White Interior Schemes

Sydney Armchair

This past week I had the pleasure of constructing a navy blue and white mood board for my Instagram Grid and Reels post.

Blue mood board
Blue mood board

I ventured to explain how the use of these two hues can create totally contrasting schemes.

These first two images have a similarity inasmuch as both have added a rich mohogany brown to the otherwise blue and white scheme.

This adds a warmth and richness which is what I eluded to in my description of the mood board.


Here a squishy leather sofa and textured scatter cushions against the dark blue walls create a lush, cosy feel. Autumn ready?

Navy walls with white accessories; optional cat!


The white walls and light coloured furniture present a contemporary style that is enhanced by the use of the navy accessories and dark wood highlights. Scandi influence?

Modern Fall Living Room Decor
White walls with navy highlights


These two kitchens have a completely different look and feel despite the matching colour palette.

The one on the left is ultra modern with its high gloss work surface and navy blue scallop shaped tiles. By contrast the one on the right if far more rustic with its all navy blue cabinetry and brick style tiles.

All embracing

This monochromatic scheme is brought to life with the use of different textures and patterns. The continuity of paint colour across the book shelf, wall, window frame, and shutters makes it almost feel cocoon like. The patterned ceiling is an interesting feature.



The hallway below might be considered an odd mixture of styles. The artwork, however, pulls the whole scheme together which otherwise might look quite disjointed.


The addition of the red cabinet and zebra rug make a striking combination against the navy blue and white wallpaper and Japanese vases.

Sydney Armchair
Sydney Armchair

Ultimately, navy blue and white can look trés chic and ultra sophisticated. The clever use of patterns and textures is key to achieving a cohesive look.

For more ideas how to use blue in your home read about Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year here; Classic Blue

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