Outside In

I’m sure the expression “bringing the outside in” is familiar to a lot of people. It is used to describe the relationship between a room and its surroundings, often implying that the exterior becomes an extension of the interior. There are varying levels of achieving this dependent on budget and inclination. An example might be to build a deck at the same level as the internal floor and to have bi-folding doors which, when open, increase the size of the living area by encompassing the deck.
A much more simple way to bring the outside in is by adopting planting schemes that compliment the interior space. Alternatively, garden furniture, furnishings, and accessories, might adopt a similar colour scheme, or style, to the interior. Once the idea of combining your indoor and outdoor space is adopted the options are only limited by one’s imagination.
As I left home this morning I glanced into my sitting room before turning to lock the front door and I was suddenly struck by an illusion that had been created. Consciously, or not, by placing my lovely wicker armchair in front of the patio doors to create more internal floor space it suddenly improved the room’s relationship with the garden. The simplicity of the chair’s construction, along with the addition of a green velvet cushion, worked in perfect harmony with the lush green grass, fallen leaves, and almost-bare branches of the apple tree. Before leaving the house I quickly took a photograph so that I could share it with you here just to emphasis how something so simple can add an extra dimension to the look and feel of your home by “bringing the outside in”. 

Wicker chair with green cushion

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