Six Of The Best; Wallpaper Murals

Landscape Wall Murals from John Lewis

Hey, have you been inspired by BBC2’s Interior Design Masters? I’ve been glued to my chair every Tuesday evening revelling in every minute detail of the contestants’ designs.

Something that became apparent as the series progressed was that wallpaper and wall murals were a very popular form of decoration. I guess it’s a quick fix if you’re a seasoned professional – and time was certainly of the essence.

With this in mind, and in no particular order, I have selected my faves that are available to buy on-line. So here they are, “Six Of The Best; Wallpaper Murals”.

Wall mural lettering


When I look at this design it immediately brings back memories of scuba diving in the sunshine. Perhaps this is the perfect antidote to Lockdown – your very own coral reef in the living room.

Oceania Wall Mural by MINDTHEGAP
Oceania Wall Mural by MINDTHEGAP

Busy Buzzy by Villa Nova

I’m sure I can hear these creatures buzzing around just looking at this beautiful imagery. More sunshine, but this time closer to home. Dragonfies, butterflies, ladybirds, and snails – what’s not to like! This would be ideal for a children’s bedroom or nursery. The colours are restful and the creatures enchanting. I can feel myself drifting off as I write.

Villa Nova Busy Buzzy Wallpaper Mural
Villa Nova Busy Buzzy Wallpaper Mural

Gramercy by MINDTHEGAP

As a complete contrast this elegant wallpaper is much sharper with its geometric patterns and textured marble background. I can hear heels clicking across an ornate polished floor – they seem to echo around this mid-century New York banking hall. I think this would look fantastic in a dressing room or lobby.

Gramercy Wallpaper Mural by MINDTHEGAP
Gramercy Wallpaper Mural by MINDTHEGAP

Sanctuary by MINDTHEGAP

Anyone who is into Biophilic Design will feel very at home with this beautiful wall covering. It depicts a variety of green leaves and fern fronds on a light background. Bring a little of the outside in and enjoy nature all year round. This would work really well in a dining room or a home office.

Sanctuary Wallpaper Mural by MINDTHEGAP
Sanctuary Wallpaper Mural by MINDTHEGAP

Dusky Amazon by Villa Nova

Villa Nova designs have a way of transporting you to a faraway land. I can feel the stillness of the warm evening air as nightfalls over this turquoise lagoon? This enchanting scene would make a fabulous feature wall in a nursery or downstairs loo.

Villa Nova Dusky Amazon Wallpaper Mural
Villa Nova Dusky Amazon Wallpaper Mural

NYC by Villa Nova

The peace has just been shattered by the sirens and traffic noise in downtown New York. Here it’s difficult to distinguish between the artificial lights and the stars. The buildings are so tall that they almost merge into one with the sky. This would make a fabulous backdrop for a teenagers den or perhaps in a funky alcove.

Villa Nova NYC Wallpaper Mural
Villa Nova NYC Wallpaper Mural

I hope these images have fuelled your imagination as they have mine. I am particularly fond of the Villa Nova murals and the stories they depict.

If you would like more information or help in choosing the perfect mural then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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