Tooth & Claw Brixham

Sunny Brixham is full of surprises. A gentle stroll in the sunshine turned into a voyage of discovery when I was there last weekend.
Set high above the harbour, a short stroll from the town centre, you will find Middle Street.

This is less seaside and more interior heaven. At first glance it may appear a little down at heal, and admittedly on a Sunday morning some of the shops were closed, but as the summer season gets well underway this will be the place to come.

Old and new

Tooth & Claw have set the scene since their arrival two years ago as more of the previously empty shops are being taken over by budding entrepreneurs.

Eclectic emporium

This is the place to come if you are looking for something that is a little off beat and quirky. In Tooth & Claw you will find an eclectic collection of gifts and homeware.

Mid-century artefacts

Part gothic and part mid-century modern this shop is leading the way for others to open up in the near future.
So when you’re tired of the seaside themed interior shops, of which there are many, take a gentle stroll away from the harbour and you will be pleasantly surprised .
For more information and on-line shop visit Tooth & Claw.

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