Cultural Week End

The Lightbox Woking

I have just enjoyed an immensely cultural end to my week. On Thursday evening I attended the opening of Haidee-Jo Summers’ one-man exhibition at The Russell Gallery in Putney.

Entitled “Capturing the essence and poetry of light” the show encompasses a wide range of Haidee-Jo’s work. Spread over two floors the exhibition runs until March 17, 2018, or on-line at

Haidee-Jo Summers’ catalogue

On Saturday I chose to visit the Lightbox in Woking to view the Turner in Surrey exhibition which ends this coming week.

Lightbox, Woking

On entering the Lightbox I was directed to the Main Gallery on the first floor. I chose the staircase rather than the lift as I feel it emphasises the scale and structure of this amazing building.

Staircase to upper levels

The exhibition focuses on Turner’s work in Surrey in the early 19th Century. He lived on the river in Twickeham and enjoyed the delights of the Wey Navigation Canal by boat.

Turner in Surrey

I was particularly interested in his interpretation of landscape views in Richmond and Guildford as I have had the benefit of growing up in the midst of this stunning countryside. I was surprised to learn that Turner purposefully played down the buildings, that might be considered a blot, on these otherwise idyllic images.

Two of my favourite ruins that he did commit to canvas are Newark Priory in Ripley and St. Catherine’s Chapel in Guildford. These landmarks never cease to amaze me, and I guess, must have held a fascination for Turner as well.

This Lightbox exhibition runs until March 4th, 2018, and I would highly recommend it.

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