Garden Furniture Revival

Looking forward to the weekend I rose bright and early this morning to trial some F&B sample pots.   I love this time of year and it was a joy to be out in the early morning sunshine in the quiet of my garden.  I have an ambition to revive my rather tired garden furniture before the onset of summer.  On my list is my favourite  café table and chair set, my love seat, and my newly delivered wooden arbour . 
Prior to this morning I had shortlisted three of six colours to sample on the actual furniture.  Bearing in mind that my garden is mostly planted with purples, blues and pinks, and I would like to find a colour that will blend with the planting but still look good in its own right. My shortlist consisted of Plummet, French Grey and Pavillion Grey.

Having tried each of the colours on one of the chairs my instinct is to run with Plummett; the darker of the three shades. I must admit, however, that I think they make a fantastic combination and am now tempted to experiment with all three colours!  Let me know what you think and I will report back after the weekend with hopefully some finished pieces.

Go to to see their full range of colours.

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  1. Three colours obvious choice – brilliant combination, apologies with regards the labour implied, though…

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