Easter Decorations

As Easter rapidly approaches I noticed that the shops are not just full of chocolate eggs but that there is an abundance of Easter decorations as well. Is it me, or is this a growing trend? It seems no sooner have we put the Christmas decorations away and we’re having to unpack the Easter ones. I’m not complaining as I love any excuse to pretty up the house! Whilst out and about this week I was particularly struck by this display in the front window of a local café. I thought the combination of the beautifully rusted cast iron garden urn filled with moss and planted with white Mascari an absolute delight. Add to it the painted eggs hanging from the budding twigs and the tiny birds’ nest hidden amongst the greenery and it is truly inspirational.  Sitting alongside this centrepiece were  boughs of early blossom and terracotta pots which were either upturned, on their side, or planted with a mixture of Spring bulbs and alpine plants, or home to birds’ nests full of eggs.



This morning, having retrieved a rather sad decorative tree from the loft, I headed off to my local garden centre where, once again, there was an abundance of Easter gifts and decorations to choose from.  I had a very short shopping list; flowering Spring bulbs, fresh sphagnum moss, and some decorative eggs to add to the ones I had from years past.  Once home I headed to the garden to empty a terracotta planter which I thought would be just right to stand my tree in.  I chose not to clean the algae off as I thought it added some rustic charm.

Once the tree was in place I half filled the pot with compost and planted the Salome Daffodil bulbs that I had purchased and then used the sphagnum moss to to fill the rest of the pot.  Now the fun really began as I started to decorate the tree.  I already had quite a few miniature eggs and three wooden bunnies to start the process.  I had also bought some bits and pieces from Poundland and  was especially pleased with the pack of five Easter design ribbons, each one metre long, and the pack of six Egg Nest decorations.

Once the decorating was complete I took my transformed tree indoors to it’s new home in the dining room. I stood it on a plastic tray disguised with the remainder of the moss, before placing on an oak console table . I was really pleased with my morning’s work and now can’t wait for the holiday weekend to arrive!IMG_2559_2IMG_2575

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