Neptune in Weybridge

Weybridge High Street is in my DNA. I’ve lived in close proximity for most of my life so visiting recently with my mum, who retired to the south coast a number of years ago now,  brought back lots of childhood memories. We strolled through the park where we used to share a picnic and paddle in the pool, and then exited via Springfield Meadows and arrived on Baker Street.
We gently reminisced about the stores that have long since been replaced with designer boutiques and and showy shoe shops and commented all on the new residential properties that were being squeezed in in-between the characterful old buildings.
Arriving on the High Street we made a beeline for the homestore where we could buy some essential cleaning agents before commencing our stroll back to the car park.

…… that was until I spotted the entrance to Neptune. A quick reverse turn and we were over the threshold in an instant.

Although I have seen full page advertisements in glossy magazines promoting Neptune’s products I had never had the opportunity to step inside one of their stores. I was struck from the moment I walked in by the shelves crammed full of beautiful home accessories and the neatly displayed room settings.

What I hadn’t expected was the sheer extent of this particular store. We walked through room set after room set admiring natural woods, upholstered chairs, perfectly placed pictures, and much, much more.

Eventually our journey ended in the sitting room at the rear of the shop. This was a lovely combination of dark smoke walls; cream highlights; and mustard cushions. It was a very comfortable and welcoming environment.

An extremely pleasant sales person  asked if we needed any help, and when we replied that we were only browsing,  were quickly offered a handful of books which told the Neptune story and catalogued their current range.
I’m not going to share the contents of these books with you in this blog as a visit to one of their stores, or a search of their website, will enlighten you to their amazing success story. The one thing I will say is that in times of on-line shopping Neptune is a really exciting addition to our High Street.

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  1. Wow what a lovely looking shop. I drive in and around Weybridge quite often but so far have not seen this beautiful looking shop. Thanks for sharing !

    1. My pleasure. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to have such a lovely shop on our doorstep. x

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