Christmas gift tags

After the festive period I set some time aside to take down my Christmas tree and decorations.  Every year I set aside some of my favourite cards to make Christmas gift tags.  


Using a guillotine or scissors I simply cut the card in half and punch a hole using a hole punch in the top left corner.  

Next I attach a contrasting ribbon to the card to make a lovely original gift tag.

 Many of the ribbons I use are either from the gifts that I have received or are fabric handles removed from carrier bags or ties removed from clothing labels.  

The cards that I don’t use I will take to one to our recycling centre.   

Examples of my colour or theme coded collections

Once I have made the gift tags I like to collate them into various colour palettes or themes.

They might not necessarily be “just for Christmas”. Use generic patterns or messages all year round.

A nice touch is to buy a ready made stamp and ink pad. Use these to print a message on the reverse side of the tag.

See how a home crafted tag can elevate a gift by visiting: https://langdonhyde.com/gift-tags-and-ribbons/

Top Tip

Try Hobbycraft for rubber stamps and ink pads.

📸 Carolyn Hayter 

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